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T-72A project start

Initially T-72 was a derivation from T-64A construction that was a true revolution of the age with composite armor, compact opposed-piston engine, 125 smoothbore cannon and 28 -rounds autoloader. It w…

VSS Vintorez

Another input to our 3d model library. The VSS Vintorez is one of the most unusual sniper rifles. Designed for Soviet special forces it remains in active service nowadays. The model was created for Wo…


A new addition to the Renderdock gallery. MiG-31 performs take-off with afterburner. Made with 3ds max, rendered in Vray. Flame effects made with Fume Fx & Photoshop

Corsair detailed

Finally a detailed review of complete F4U Corsair 3d model. It was built on Noble-Empire request using manufacturer prints and photos from around the web. The model is pretty Low-Poly (especially conc…

PSS 3d model

We proceed to work over our 3d models. For a better understanding of the model, we present a detailed overview of the PSS VUL model. The final textured result and work in progress in 3d application

Si vis pacem, para bellum

We proceed to make some realistic models. Using Vray displacement you can get some interesting effects indeed. The fina result mostly depends on the qualit of your textures. Pretty offen even rought m…