We are glad to welcome you at home of the Renderdock studio!

   We are glad to welcome you at home of the Renderdock studio. We are a team of specialists with more than 10 years of experience in the field of CG. We specialize in creating graphics solutions for computer games and video. This site is designed primarily to demonstrate the capabilities of the studio through our portfolio (link) that consists of most featured projects over the past few years.

         We will be glad to provide you following services:

            – Conceptual design of tech and various devices & props, characters and environments.

            – High-poly and low-poly modeling

            – Creating of complex PBR materials or classical texturing

            – Animation for video

            – Realistic visualization

   The main feature of Renderdock is an emphasis on detail and accuracy of execution. Great experience in modeling and reading drawings and various sources allows us to accurately reproduce any nodes and aggregates of complex mechanisms, even with very scarce information.    This is confirmed by the extensive library of works (link) performed to create the existing models of firearms (reference) and the most complete model of the T-72A (link) tank consisting of () unique details (reference) and many others (link).

   Our technical specialists have extensive knowledge of the history of technology, weapons and their design features.

   We are focused on long-term cooperation and therefore are interested in the best possible performance. To this end, Renderdock maintains constant quality control, maximum accuracy and speed in current work.

   In quality control, we use the TK provided by the customer. In the case of his absence – we use the internal (reference)

Best regards

 Alexander Yartsev.