World of Guns

VSS Vintorez

Another input to our 3d model library. The VSS Vintorez is one of the most unusual sniper rifles. Designed for Soviet special forces it remains in active service nowadays. The model was created for World of Guns. All parts are accurately recreated to interact as original.

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Death silence. Special auto pistol (PSS)

Renderdock presents new model, made specially for Noble Empire’s World of Guns the PSS VUL. This rough looking small handgun, designed for russian special operation forces can be named one of the most dangeros pistols. It’s cartridge designed so that gas or flame would not leave the copper shell. The bullet actuates by a piston […]

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Si vis pacem, para bellum

We proceed to make some realistic models. Using Vray displacement you can get some interesting effects indeed. The fina result mostly depends on the qualit of your textures. Pretty offen even rought model may appear as high-end production with correct textures, shaders & lightning 🙂

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This render was made few years ago specially for Corsair model releace by Noble Empire for World of Guns app. 3DS max+Vray as usual, background made in Vue  Enjoy 🙂

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