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Small brother of AK series

We are glad to present a fully operational precise Kalashnikov AKS-74U 3d model. The model was developed for the Noble Empire World Of Guns application. It features all parts of the original kalashnik…

Number 134

The squadron of F4U’s is ready to take off. The fighters were equiped with powerfull radial 2450 h/p engine. together with quite perfect aerodynamic forms, he provided the aircraft with outstand…


This render was made few years ago specially for Corsair model releace by Noble Empire for World of Guns app. 3DS max+Vray as usual, background made in Vue  Enjoy 🙂


This fully operational & disassemblable F-4U model was created for Noble Empires World of Guns application. …/World_of_Guns_Gun_Disassem…/ The model consists of…

Climbing high

Renderdock presents a new update to the Gallery. MiG-31BM interceptor fighter in high resolution, now available as walpaper for your desktop

MiG’s on the way!

Just finished a new render with MiG-31BM fighter flying somewhere very high. That’s will definitely go to the gallery. The coloration is unusual. Original airplane is light grey. But we wanted t…

9 mm pills

Renderdock updates with new ammunition for GSh-18. The 7N21 armour piercing cartridges made in 3D Max & Visualised with Vray.  

GSh-18. The perfect shapes

Just finished the final preparations & testing of new materials for GSh-18 pistol. I have an animation sequence to make with this thing. As for me it has one of coolest designs of a handgun, and t…