RD WiP vol. II: MiG-41 derrivatives & Su-75

Work In Progress / 26 July 2021



So finally new Russian stealth fighter design is unveiled.
Su-75 pinterest gallery
As it turned out, back in 2010, when I was just starting the project of initial MiG-41S Firefly, I was not far from the truth. The new fighter is really light-weight and single-engine, designed to occupy the niche previously occupied by the MiG-21. But It's not MiG, it's Sukhoi 

It is especially interesting in this regard that during the transformation of my early MiG-41S into the well-developed MiG-41KUB at one of the stages, I considered the scheme, which is now implemented in the new Russian Su-75. I even have test renders of October 2014, I will gladly share with you.Even more interesting is that in 2019 I was working on a variant of an unmanned fighter based on the MiG-41. It also had a similar design without horizontal tail and with a round nozzle. This was a forced measure, referring to the design of the MiG-21. Maybe I will return to this design in future :)



Alex Yartsev, RenderDock art director

Ultimate Dogfighter. MiG-41K/KUB

Work In Progress / 12 April 2019

Fighter concept from Alexander YartsevLong time ago (in 2009) I started a project, that still going ten years after. The idea was to make a new fighter aircraft concept, based on famous soviet MiG-21bis. I've named it MiG-41 then, and even old renders that you can find now around the web were widely liked by people and when the real MiG-41 development was announced various news portals are still using those renders as illustrations for their posts:

So, during past years I had an idea to make a more detailed version of this aircraft. Now works are close to finish and I can share some new schematic views and info. First of all that it will be the naval modification (for a future aircraft carrier) with arresting hook and folded wing-tips. Also it will be performed as a single-seater (MiG-41K) and twin-seater (MiG-41KUB) versions. Similar to modern MiG-35 they will have minor differences. Single seater will have carbon fiber plating instead of second clear canopy and an additional fueltank instead of ejection seat and other equipment. This new fighter received a name Burevestnik (Procellariidae, seabird. Direct translation from Russian is "Thunderbird") and NATO reporting name "Fulmar".

R-93M (AA-14 Arch) missile. Archangel

One of the main issue during the development was to house at least 6 air-to-air missiles inside the specially remastered internal bays. Russian medium range AA-12 Adder with their weird folding grid rudders fit quite well in the main bays, but standard AA-11 Archer missiles were to big to fit the side bays. So I decided to design a missile specially for this aircraft. The main issue was that there are no much new to say in the nowadays AA missile design so that it would correspond with the modern technologies but not the tech from the galaxy far-far away. So, using as references the modern missiles (such as R-73, R-77 AiM-9X and ASRAAM) eventually this one unique design was born. It has retractable folding grid rudders both for advanced agility and reducing it's size while internal-carrying, thrust vectoring nozzle for crazy maneuvers and overall shapes which made it look like some dagger or stiletto - something you will make up when thinking about close-range weapon.

This illustration shows the bottom view of MIG-41K and the arrangement of it's armament variant. The external payload is optional and usually represented by two R-73 (AA-11 Archer) or R-93M (AA-14 Arch) short range missiles and two R-77 (AA-12 Adder) medium range missiles that could be replaced by a variety of guided air-to-surface missiles and bombs. The fighter has four internal weapon bays. Two small side bays specially designed to carry two short range missiles and two main bays capable to house air-to-surface missiles, guided bombs or R-77. Two Kh-38 missiles are represented on this schematic view. As the aircraft is intended to be a naval one, the Kh-35 missiles will also be tested.