RenderDOCK talks vol1.

General / 01 October 2020

Alex Yartsev, RenderDock CEO LinkedIn
3d artist since 2007
   "Have been working on the World of Guns 3d library of firearms for a pretty long time. It was also called Guns Disassembly 2 at some point. For the first time I worked as an animator and integrator of ready-made models into the application engine. Later I found myself as project lead from the beginning of development to the final release of a gun. That allowed to gather invaluable experience in blueprints & references collection, 3D modeling, UV, animation, texturing, product cover renderings.

   I always tried to make each next model better than the previous one in order to get rid of the routine. A landmark model in this regard for me and the project as a whole was the AK-47, released in 2013. In terms of elaboration of details this model was an order of magnitude higher than anything that was in the World of Guns library before, even despite the old 3D engine limitations. Although there are certain inaccuracies in the model (caused by some inexperience at that time) they were corrected in subsequent models of the AK series. Subsequently the Ak-74 with the PSO-1 sight and the GP-25 launcher, AKS-74U, RPK-74M, PP-19 Bizon, VSS Vintorez, AS VAL, GSh-18 pistol were reeleaced with an accuracy that made it possible to print a prefabricated functioning model on a 3d printer. And much more.

   Since 2015, Ivan Filipchenko (future RenderDock co-founder) joined the project and the library of the weapon models we created began to grow rapidly.

   Naturally, we gladly accepted the offer from David Rosen to work with Wolfire Games on their Receiver game sequel. In addition to the fact we supposed to do what we know best, this work assumed a transition to a qualitatively new level of photorealistic PBR modeling and texturing that was new for us at that point.

   I was asked how many models of weapons we have made in recent years from time to time. I myself was interested in answering this question accurately enough. So decided to make a list and close this question (for some time I guess).

   There are already 128 models on this list as of mid-2020. That we know to the cog. Most of them were done by me and Ivan Filipchenko. Some were created from start to finish (marked as F), some we just UV made, baked & textured (Tex)"

new MiG-41 images

General / 26 September 2020

Decided in one post to immediately answer the incoming questions about where you can see or download individual images of the MiG-41 from the workbook.
Gradually adding pictures to my old deviantart account: RenderDock on Deviantart
And pinterest:   Pinterest MiG-41 gallery

Have a lot of new pics ideas at the moment. Hope to implement this in the near future. Also will add some info about new aircraft and space design projects. 

Thank's to all foollowers  for your support, likes and comments! :) 

MiG-41 in flight :)

General / 22 September 2020

Recently discovered that some AWESOME guys created an EDF model over my initial MiG-41 (2010) concept :) I shall wish them more of great projects and flights :)

HALO 3 reached PC with some RD help :)

General / 07 August 2020

Great news for all Halo fans: Halo 3 remastered is available on Steam  as a DLC for Master Chief Collection.  

RenderDock team expresses gratitude for the opportunity to take part in development of this project to Saber Interactive and 343 Industries 

RD Digest vol. 10: AS-20 Kayak missile

General / 03 August 2020

The "Ultimate Fighter" project concept fighter is almost ready for publication on Artstation and other platforms. It remains to prepare a few more interesting renders.
In the meantime, let's have a peek of this interesting model prepared by our team for this project. AS-20 Kayak is a low altitude active-seaker cruise missile, that will be a valuable part of this stealth fighter armament :)  
Pilot helmet of Ultimate Fighter: 
Dogfight weapon: 


RD DIGEST vol.9: Webley Mars automatic pistol

General / 31 July 2020

Some time ago we had gained cool experience with modeling of this rare antic piece.
The most difficult thing was to reproduce the work of the cartridge feed mechanism, which is not arranged like in most weapons:

The point is that a special grip pulls the cartridge out of the magazine back when the bolt is released, and feeds it forward when it is returned. This allowed the developers to significantly lengthen the barrel with the same pistol dimensions.


Receiver 2 with RenderDock made guns

General / 18 December 2019

Wolfire games finally revealed their Receiver 2 official trailer. This will be more like real handgun simulator not an arcade shooter, with all internal parts working and all functionality represented. 

RenderDOCK team did a great job on all the pistols presented in the first game release. Therefore, everything running like clockwork :) 


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RD DIGEST vol.8: PPS-43. Soviet WWII legend

General / 03 June 2019

This submachine gun was one of the most successful models for its time. Created on the basis of a powerful 7.62 * 25TT cartridge, it provided advantages in sighting range and penetrating power over German counterparts, and the lightness and simplicity of the design were outstanding. We have tried to embody these weapon of Victory in 3D as accurately as possible. 3ds Max, animated in Maya. Classical old-school Photoshop texturing (due engine limitations) 


Accurate Recreation of Hard-Surface Objects

General / 27 May 2019

Finally our interview reached the 80lv. Contains some info about our team and about our workflow in general.

Also check up our new project "Ultimate Eagle"

RD DIGEST vol.7: Sig-Sauer P228

General / 13 May 2019

Following the retrospective of our works. Year 2013 and perfect german quality. Compact Sig-Sauer P228 for Noble-Empire's  World of Guns. Classic Photoshop texturing and V-Ray rendering.