RD DIGEST vol.8: PPS-43. Soviet WWII legend

General / 03 June 2019

This submachine gun was one of the most successful models for its time. Created on the basis of a powerful 7.62 * 25TT cartridge, it provided advantages in sighting range and penetrating power over German counterparts, and the lightness and simplicity of the design were outstanding. We have tried to embody these weapon of Victory in 3D as accurately as possible. 3ds Max, animated in Maya. Classical old-school Photoshop texturing (due engine limitations) 


Accurate Recreation of Hard-Surface Objects

General / 27 May 2019

Finally our interview reached the 80lv. Contains some info about our team and about our workflow in general.


Also check up our new project "Ultimate Eagle"


RD DIGEST vol.7: Sig-Sauer P228

General / 13 May 2019

Following the retrospective of our works. Year 2013 and perfect german quality. Compact Sig-Sauer P228 for Noble-Empire's  World of Guns. Classic Photoshop texturing and V-Ray rendering.


V-46 engine animation

General / 08 May 2019
This tank diesel engine animation was made a while ago and later became a part of T-72 disassembly project. Sure thing that the most problematic was to make the move of all numerous pistons, shafts and valves sinchronised. Animated with 3ds max tools. Some constrains were used.

The overall exterior of this engine was made later as a valuable T-72A 3d model part. It will be textured and made in our portfolio as a separate project within some time.


RD DIGEST vol.6: Astra 400 pistol

General / 24 April 2019

Interesting sample of weaponry. Spanish historical automatic pistol. Interesting barrel fixation, smooth shape and internal hammer. Was created using some exploded diagrams, photos and schematic views. As usual we started with the cartridge and barrel through slide and then it all became more familiar.

The thing is, you start with basic shape of moving parts and try to fit them all each to other using some basic animations and lot of experience. Only after that we start to make them look real.


RD DIGEST vol.5: Chauchat. WWI machinegun

General / 19 April 2019

 Commisioned in 2017 French WWI Chauchat machinegun was created for World of Guns project


RD DIGEST vol.4: Delorean DMC-12 assembly kit

General / 17 April 2019

 This DMC-12 model was made in 2012 for Noble-Empire's Car Disassembly application. Despite the model looks very low-poly (due to limitations) it has a lot of interesting inside. A lot's of info was found through the web and a lot was needed to be systematyze to run this project. The main issue in the modelling was to fit all those parts inside the hull and to make them operate as should.

It might look too rough to make some realistic renders, but nevertheless we feel the need to share this page of our practice.

And as a bonus :) 


Ultimate Dogfighter. MiG-41K/KUB

Work In Progress / 12 April 2019

Fighter concept from Alexander YartsevLong time ago (in 2009) I started a project, that still going ten years after. The idea was to make a new fighter aircraft concept, based on famous soviet MiG-21bis. I've named it MiG-41 then, and even old renders that you can find now around the web were widely liked by people and when the real MiG-41 development was announced various news portals are still using those renders as illustrations for their posts:

So, during past years I had an idea to make a more detailed version of this aircraft. Now works are close to finish and I can share some new schematic views and info. First of all that it will be the naval modification (for a future aircraft carrier) with arresting hook and folded wing-tips. Also it will be performed as a single-seater (MiG-41K) and twin-seater (MiG-41KUB) versions. Similar to modern MiG-35 they will have minor differences. Single seater will have carbon fiber plating instead of second clear canopy and an additional fueltank instead of ejection seat and other equipment. This new fighter received a name Burevestnik (Procellariidae, seabird. Direct translation from Russian is "Thunderbird") and NATO reporting name "Fulmar".

R-93M (AA-14 Arch) missile. Archangel

One of the main issue during the development was to house at least 6 air-to-air missiles inside the specially remastered internal bays. Russian medium range AA-12 Adder with their weird folding grid rudders fit quite well in the main bays, but standard AA-11 Archer missiles were to big to fit the side bays. So I decided to design a missile specially for this aircraft. The main issue was that there are no much new to say in the nowadays AA missile design so that it would correspond with the modern technologies but not the tech from the galaxy far-far away. So, using as references the modern missiles (such as R-73, R-77 AiM-9X and ASRAAM) eventually this one unique design was born. It has retractable folding grid rudders both for advanced agility and reducing it's size while internal-carrying, thrust vectoring nozzle for crazy maneuvers and overall shapes which made it look like some dagger or stiletto - something you will make up when thinking about close-range weapon.

This illustration shows the bottom view of MIG-41K and the arrangement of it's armament variant. The external payload is optional and usually represented by two R-73 (AA-11 Archer) or R-93M (AA-14 Arch) short range missiles and two R-77 (AA-12 Adder) medium range missiles that could be replaced by a variety of guided air-to-surface missiles and bombs. The fighter has four internal weapon bays. Two small side bays specially designed to carry two short range missiles and two main bays capable to house air-to-surface missiles, guided bombs or R-77. Two Kh-38 missiles are represented on this schematic view. As the aircraft is intended to be a naval one, the Kh-35 missiles will also be tested.

RD DIGEST vol.3: Remington R51

General / 09 April 2019

One of our's early work in weaponary.


RD DIGEST vol.2: Pancor Jackhammer revolver shotgun

General / 08 April 2019

This wierd-looking revolver shotgun 3d model was created in 2016 for World of Guns. Despite the lack of info on this gun it wasn't to hard to make 

We could use only some draft scketches from patent, some photos and video as info for this project.

Modeled in 3ds Max, Animated in Maya, rendered with V-Ray