AS VAL silent assault rifle

Another model for Noble Empire's World of Guns. The AS VAL is an assault rifle based on VSS "Vintorez" sniper rifle. The major differences are^ metal folded stock and plastic pistol grip. It is equiped with the same flashlight, and in addition this model also features 20-round magazine, picatinny rail with aimpoint sight and the big 1PN93 night sight. But all of these could be used with Vintorez also. All the internal parts and functions remain same. You can view them down here ---->

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AS Val is a silent assaut rifle, designed for russian special operation forces. It is based on VSS "Vintorez" construction with some minor changes

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This rifle features integrated silencer with perforated barrel, that allows it to fire heavy 9*39 mm cases with sound similar to .22LR

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Originally it was designed like a compact (due to folded stock) version of VSS

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This abnormally large scope is an 1pn93 soviet night sight.

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Due to it's low level fire sound this assault rifle became incredibly dangerous at night operations

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Due to the fact that it is a rather rare weapon, it was impossible to get an original for measurements. as well as find decent drawings.

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At the same time, the sample was made as closely as possible to the original, thanks to the extensive work experience and the presence of a sufficient reserve of the photos.

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It is not a PBR project due to old version of World of Guns engine. The whole model was made in 3ds Max, animated in Maya & textured with photoshop.

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