Kalashnikov's AKS-74U

A detailed review of AKS-74U Kalashnikov short assault rifle, derrivated from AK-74 wich was a modification of AK-47 itself. This model was created in 2013 for Noble Empire's World of Guns. The main references for this one were army manual & different photos from around the Web. We hope you enjoy it.
Sincerely, Alexander Yartsev, Renderdock studio

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AKS-74U stands for shorten Kalashnikov assault rifle model of 19974 with folding stock (Avtomat Kalashnikova Skladnoi 74 goda Ukorochenniy)

AKS-74U 3d model demo

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It was created in the early 80s based on the Ak-74, which in turn was created on the basis of the legendary Ak-47. The task was to create a compact and reliable automatic weapon for arming the crews of combat vehicles.

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In fact, the new machine gun was supposed to fill a niche, which in the Western armies was occupied by submachine guns.

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Subsequently, the reliability, simplicity and compactness of the rifle as well as the high power of the munition led to its spread throughout the world.

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The rifle's operation during firing and reloading is identical to that of the AKM

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After ignition of the cartridge primer and propellant, rapidly expanding propellant gases are diverted into the gas cylinder above the barrel through a vent near the muzzle

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The build-up of gases inside the gas cylinder drives the long-stroke piston and bolt carrier rearward and a cam guide machined into the underside of the bolt carrier along with an ejector spur on the bolt carrier rail guide

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rotates the bolt approximately 35° and unlocks it from the barrel extension via a camming pin on the bolt

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The moving assembly has about 5.5 mm (0.2 in) of free travel which creates a delay between the initial recoil impulse of the piston and the bolt unlocking sequence, allowing gas pressures to drop to a safe level

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Like previous Kalashnikov-pattern rifles, the AK-74 does not have a gas valve; excess gases are ventilated through a series of radial ports in the gas tube

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