GSh-18 automatic pistol

This fully detailed russian automatic pistol animated 3d model was created in 2014 for World Of Guns project. The gun was made using available photos & owners manual.

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The name GSh-18 stands for the two designers surnames, Vasily Gryazev & Arkadiy Shipunov,two famous designers that created various cutting-edge soviet cold war era weapons.

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Aircraft cannons GSh-23, GSh-30, anti-tank missiles and even latest Pantsir missile system are amoung their creationsю This gun, developed in the late 90s, has absorbed all their years of experience.

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Light composite frame and hight capacity magazine of 18 cartridges making it a late russian responce to austrian Glock.

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The GSh-18 is a rotating-barrel, short recoil, locked-breech pistol with 10 locking lugs spaced equally around the barrel, the large locking surface area resulting in a strong lockup making it suitable for high-velocity ammunition loads.

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Locking lugs on the barrel, make it look very memorable and unusual, looking like radiators. This brings some fantasy to the image.

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GSh-18 pistol

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