Silent pistol PSS

A fully operational animated 3d model for Noble Empire's World of Guns.

Renderdock studio artst1

This model of soviet/russian special forces silent pistol was made in 2016 for Noble Empire's World of Guns.

Renderdock studio vul1 rend disassm 2

The model was made on materials available online, such as photographs and military manuals.

Renderdock studio vul1 2

Despite the limited information about this unique weapon, we managed to make an exact copy of it, functioning as the original. A big help in this was played by the fact that the pistol uses part of the parts from the famous PM (Makarov pistol).

Renderdock studio vul2 2

This 3d model represent all of the original pistol parts, that work as they should.

Renderdock studio vul3 2

Due to the features of the World of Guns engine, this is not a PBR project.

Renderdock studio vul6 2

All textures were made in Photoshop and the render was made using V-Ray.

Renderdock studio vul7 2

Model features all needed animations, like shooting sequence, reloading, unloading, safety function and complete disassembly

Renderdock studio vul8 2
Renderdock studio vul14 2
Renderdock studio vul15 2